Explore the “Illusion of Me” With Me :)

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I’ve decided to go deeper into my personal exploration of the “illusion of me.” In other words, I’m hoping to further unravel my identity, aka my “self,” (or the “I” or the “me”). Of course, I may have to rename this blog, “What Did You Do With Jill — For Realz!” now. But that’s okay.  😉

If this sounds intriguing to you, please join me!

“Exploring the Illusion of Me” is an ongoing program of looking at our sense of self (or “me” or “I”). Each week we’ll discuss topics such as: What “me” means, what “the me” is, whether or not we need the sense of a “me,” and how we might reduce or even get rid of the “me” all together.

During the program I’ll provide relevant videos, emails, suggested readings, group postings, etc. which will be up for discussion in our weekly Zoom video calls.

This is a discussion group. I will facilitate and provide resources, however, the point is to talk about what we see together. Questions, comments and sharing are encouraged throughout the program, both in the dedicated Facebook Group and in the weekly calls.

If you’re interested in the exploring and/or unraveling your “me” then let’s explore it together!

Call days/times are Thursdays at 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST / 8 PM GMT. All calls will be recorded so you can watch them again, or catch any you may have missed.

The cost to join and explore the illusion of me–with me, is $59 for the first month, then $19 each month that you chose to remain in the group. You can register using the form below. Payment is made through PayPal.




Wondering what our weekly discussions are like? Here’s a sample one from March 1, 2018.


And here’s how all this came to me…

Recently, I learned about a guy named Tony Parsons who has apparently unraveled his “Me.” He holds retreats and gives talks where others ask him questions about how it happened and how he currently lives his life. (He has lots of great audios of these talks on his website here.)

What I hear him saying to others about our “self” makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve seen very clearly how it’s our own self that seems to be the cause of our problems and suffering in life. Up to this point, I’ve looked at our sense of self as our identity. I have seen that identity is not fixed, and I’ve seen that it’s made up of beliefs, which are just thoughts we keep thinking.

But the idea of losing that sense of identity and self all together never occurred to me before hearing Tony talk about it. I honestly wouldn’t have thought it was possible. He seems to be the real deal, however.

That said, I still don’t think it’s possible for me to completely transcend or unravel myself as Tony has, but how fun would it be to explore!? We’ll discuss some of what Tony talks about, as well as some of Richard Sylvester and Jim Newman’s work. (There will likely be others too!)

If this sounds interesting to you as well, please join me!


Let me know if you have any questions about the "Exploring the Illusion of Me" program below.

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