Jill in the Media

I’ve been writing and talking about personal transformation and its effect on my life and relationships since 2013. Besides writing in this blog, I’ve also hosted interviews with others, been interviewed myself, created videos and written articles for other publications.

Most of my inspirational videos can be viewed on my Youtube Channel. There you’ll find them categorized into playlists such as Uncovering our Innate Wellbeing (covering the subject of happiness and peace being inside of us and accessible at all times),  Wisdom on the Water (my thoughts on various matters while kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding), and Authentic Marketing (a melding of my old work with my new).

Below is a selection of interviews that can provide you with an idea of the kinds of things I talk about. Please contact me if you’d like to set up an interview.


Interviews of Me

Unraveling the Roots of Addictive RelationshipsHappiness is Inside of Us – Human Being TV 2017

A short snippet from a longer interview from Human Being TV. This one is focused on how when we know where our happiness comes from, it helps us remember that it’s accessible anytime, regardless of circumstances.


Unraveling the Roots of Addictive RelationshipsUnraveling the Root of Addictive Friendships – Relationship Series Podcast 2016.

Jill was interviewed by Ankush Jain about her lifelong pattern of addictive friendships and how she finally saw them for what they were.

Womanhood From the Inside OutWork and Relationships – Womanhood From the Inside Out Interview

In this episode Clésia Mendes interviewed Jill on such topics as how work is supposed to be fun, difficult relationships, healthy living, love and compassion, being open and more!

http://www.bornhaOvercoming Anxiety With Jill Whalen on the Born Happy Showppy.co/anxiety2/

A New Way to Overcome Anxiety” – Born Happy Podcast 2014.

Jill Whalen was interviewed by Lian Brooke-Tyler for the Born Happy Podcast on overcoming anxiety. We talked about how anxiety is often caused by not feeling good enough, which can lead to all kinds of addictions. We also chatted about seeing where are feelings come from and that happiness is always inside of us, regardless.

Jill WhalenThe Out-Law of Attraction – Rise and Shine With Sophia Rosenthal 2014

Jill spoke with Sophia Rosenthal about her love-hate relationship with the Law of Attraction, and what she believes it’s all about.

My Interviews/Discussions With Others

How to Talk With Friends and Family Who Have Cancer

How to Talk With Friends and Family Who Have Cancer

In this conversation, Jill Whalen and Wendi Saggese provide information and a different way of seeing things, which can lead to more natural conversations and less anxiety for everyone involved.

Alison Chan LungA Chat About Lightheartedness With Alison Chan Lung

Jill and Alison talk about how and why we don’t have to take life as seriously as we think we do!


https://youtu.be/jZ6n9oNDkXwA Different Way of Seeing Relationships With Debra Simmonds

Debra Simmons and Jill Whalen chat about relationships.



Ankush JainThe Inherent Powerfulness of Human Beings

Jill interviewed Ankush Jain about the capacity we all have to show up powerfully in our lives.



she talks about her 30-year struggle with PTSD and the nearly instant relief she experienced when she uncovered the Three Principles. PTSD & Me: Trauma is No Match for the Principles Understanding – Three Principles Supermind

Jill interviewed Mary Schiller as she talked about her 30-year struggle with PTSD and the nearly instant relief she experienced when she uncovered the Three Principles.