We’re All Different Yet We’re All the Same


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Different But The Same

We are all different.

Very different. So different that no two of us has the same mixture of magic ingredients that make us who we are. While this is totally awesome as we’d be bored to tears if we were all alike, it’s also what creates ALL the conflict in the world. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize how different we are and therefore can’t understand why or even that others’ don’t see the world the same way we do.

The average person has no concept of separate realities.

Most people believe that we all have the same basic experience of life. Yet the truth is that we live in our own personalized “thought bubble of reality.” In other words, our life is projected to us by the constant stream of thoughts whizzing through our mind. You could say that our customized reality is like a long, drawn out movie happening inside of our head.


What we think and believe is based solely on whatever happens to be playing on our internal movie screen at any given time.

On top of that, our movies are very different from each other’s.

While there’s definitely overlap, I daresay we’d be absolutely shocked if we could somehow get a hold of someone else’s movie. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make much sense to us. It might even look like complete fiction–or perhaps even utter nonsense.

You see, the movies in our head are different because we are different.

We are born with our own set of genes and DNA and all those other biological sciencey things that seem to start us off with certain traits. Over time we have our own set of experiences. Stuff happens to us and we perceive and interpret it in our own way.

In other words, the unique movie in our head starts playing pretty early in life.

And yet…

Despite our differences, we’re actually ALL THE SAME!

Wondering how this can be? Didn’t I just finish explaining how we’re all different?  Now I’m telling you that we’re all the same? Can it really work both ways?

Indeed it can!

We’re all the same in that we all work the same way.

The very fact that we ALL observe and experience our life via the thoughts in our head, demonstrates our sameness.

While our movies are different, “we” the observers, are of the same stuff.

In other words, if somehow all of our movies were sucked out of our heads at the same time, what we’d be left with is the REAL us. The True Selves behind our stories. The blank slate babies we we were born as. The beautiful souls underneath our hurts and pains.

The perfect, peaceful, pieces of potentiality that is our true nature.

Without our story each and every one of us IS THE SAME.

From the nicest to the meanest. Suck out their movie and they’re the same as you and I.

Sound scary?

On one level it is. We like our stories. We’re attached to them. We like our personalities. They seem to make us who we are. It’s nearly impossible to imagine who we’d be without them.

Yet on another level, our sameness makes sense.

If you’ve ever experienced a moment or more when you’ve magically “mastered”your personal thought system and have touched upon your true self, you know it to be true. Our true self and the true self of others are one and the same.

They are BOTH pure consciousness.

We are ALL pure consciousness.

When we can see this–truly see it–the door to compassion, forgiveness, love and peace opens up to us. Not only in our personal relationships, but within the world as a whole.

Can you see it? Maybe even a little bit? If not, can you keep a tiny space in your mind open to it perhaps being true?

If you do, you may be surprised at how your life, your relationships and the people around you begin to change.

As always, please let me know what you see! You can reach me by leaving your thoughts below, by my contact form, Facebook or mental telepathy (not really…just seeing if you were still awake!).


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Hi Jill,
Thanks for this – I love the way you explain things – it really makes sense to me!
I have been thinking a lot about what makes us sooooo different… Donald Trump for example – I just don’t get him… well at least I didn’t think I did… then I read your post and I realised he is not that different from everyone else. He is just doing the best he can with his story. And if I really try to understand and empathise with him, I would have to admire him – his tenacity – he just never gives up, his thick skin – he just keep on going! He is doing what he believes is right and it seems that 60 odd million people agree with him.
Watching his speeches and interviews of the last week I can see that he has realised the enormity of the situation that he is now in, he appears almost humbled by it.
What I wouldn’t give to get a hold of his “movie”!

Hi Leanne,

So glad you found this post helpful! You’ve got it right with Donald Trump. The election in generally has really showed the existence of separate realities very clearly…to me at least! Please let me know if you ever want to have a Skype chat or anything to clarify even further. Would be happy to chat any time!

Hi Jill

Thank you for that. You are so right and strongly believe that if we can get all the past hurts, life experiences in it else, we all can see life different at all angles. Different but the same I like that. Sorry about been late reading but I have a job now and know I be looking to read your blog. Can’t wait for the next one.

Much Love

Hi Sabrina, you got it!

Congrats on the job, as well.

Thanks Jill