What Did You Do With Jill?

Jill Whalen“Apparently you’ve been replaced by someone who slightly resembles you–at least in your younger years. But no, you’re not even like that younger version. The young Jill we knew proudly and often proclaimed that she was ‘allergic’ to both exercise and vegetables. Not to mention being a staunch atheist. (You die, you’re dead, that’s it.) So no, you can’t be that Jill.”

“So seriously, what DID you do with Jill?”

This is what I’ve heard a over and over again from friends and family since I embarked on my transformational journey back in May of 2013. In fact, my oldest daughter (now 30) recently told me that I am younger now than when she was in high school! And honestly, I truly am not the same person I was just that short time ago. I’m 25 lbs. lighter, I’m no longer allergic to vegetables or exercise, I gave up my highly successful SEO consulting business and career, I have a clear head, I have seen my anxiety and addictions for what they are, and I’m helping other people do the same.

Now, instead of writing and teaching about website marketing, I’m writing and teaching about how I and you and every single one of us has psychological well-being built into us at our core. Unfortunately, it’s often covered up through years and layers of hurt, misunderstandings, habits and conditioning. The good news is that our innate well-being can in fact be uncovered! Once we clear up a simple misunderstanding of how life truly works (from the inside out not the outside in) our layers of bad feelings start to drop away.

Leaving only our happy, healthy inner core.

Sound too good to be true?

That’s what I would have said before making my discovery of the inside out nature of life. And I’m glad you’re also a skeptic. Just as I always said with SEO you should never believe anything that anyone else tells you. You should always decide what feels and sounds right to you and then test it for yourself.

It’s no different for how to have a better life.

For me, my new understanding of life has caused decades of anxiety and addictions to simply melt away. It’s also changed my relationships with my family and friends in ways that I’d never imagine. I personally don’t need any more proof than that!

If this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to learn more, please read through this blog and see if what I’ve written has a ring of truth to it. You may or may not understand fully what I’m getting at, but if it’s resonating with you in some way, then I’d love to talk with you more about it.

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–Jill Whalen

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