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Some of you may have wondered where I come up with all the [crazy] [profound] [interesting] [spiritual] [odd] blog posts that I write. (Choose whichever word best describes how you feel about them!) They come from my own experiences as well as conversations I have with others. However, I also spend a lot of time watching, listening and reading various philosophies which impact what I write.

My spiritual journey started about 15 years ago when I read “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. Everything in it rang true as it seemed my whole business and all the money I made had come naturally via intention. I also read Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” While it resonated with me, I was clueless to what it meant. At some point I read “The Disappearance of the Universe” a book by Gary Rennard on “A Course In Miracles.” It also rang true, but not only did I not understand it, I had nightmares while reading it!

After that I forgot about spiritual stuff until I started getting healthy in 2013. I began listening to some Hay House Radio shows. Most were mildly entertaining and interesting, but none struck a chord with me until I heard Michael Neill’s show. Listening to him speak with random callers and seemingly solve their problems in 5-10 mins. amazed me! I immediately signed up for his newsletter and watched the subscriber video he sent. I want to say that the talk was incredible–because it was–yet again, I had no idea what he was talking about! My first impression was that Michael was some sort of genius. But all I could glean from it was that our thoughts create our feelings. While it sounded plausible and Michael claimed it was 100% true, I had no idea what it meant or what the implications were. I listened to that one talk over and over and tried to decipher it. I knew there was truth in it, but I wasn’t quite getting it. At some point I heard the introduction to one of Michael’s talks given by George Pransky. He mentioned something called “The 3 Principles.” I was stunned. All I could think of was “OMG! Michael Neill is caught up in some sort of cult?!” But when I thought about it, he seemed too smart for that so I decided to investigate further.

The Three Principles

I ended up finding the Three Principles Movies site. At first I looked for and watched more talks from Michael (because I didn’t want to be brainwashed by the other potential cultists!). But at some point I decided to watch others. The creators of the site are a young couple named Rudi and Jenny Kennard.
There are lots of videos of them facilitating retreats which I found interesting and believable, yet I still wasn’t sure what they were getting at. Still, I kept coming back to watch more. At some point I heard Jenny say “our thoughts create our feelings” and this time it just clicked! (See this post where I describe my experience in detail.) With that one insight, my whole perspective on life changed. (Since that time I have been to one of their retreats which was magnificent!)

Once I understood the thought-feeling connection at the insight level, I suddenly understood what Michael Neill and others were talking about. It was as if they had been speaking another language and I had now taken a crash course in it.

I was next deeply impacted by a video I watched by Mark Howard was talking about addiction. I originally had no interest in addiction as I didn’t see how it would relate to me, yet it turned out to be a catalyst for my most life changing insight to date. (I should mention that shortly after watching Mark’s addiction talk, I listened to some Born Happy podcasts where I came to the conclusion that just about everything we do in life is an addition. I don’t think I would have heard it that way without first having heard Mark’s talk.)

A Course in Miracles

I found that my 3 Principles understanding has helped other spiritual texts such as “A Course in Miracles” now make sense to me. I have the book on my iPad, but I mostly listen to the audiobook on Youtube. What I’ve seen from it is all we ever need to do in any situation is love and forgive. When we feel others are treating us badly and suddenly recognize we’ve all “been there–done that” because we’re human, it enables us to see them with compassion. This transforms the situation like magic. I’ve witnessed it in my own life. It’s 100% possible to go from utter despair to unconditional love in an instant, which has the power to change any relationship forever.

Matt Kahn

Another of my favorite teachers is Matt Kahn. His focus (and new book) is simple: Whatever Arises, Love That. One of my favorite YouTube talks of his explained how our breath is actually our true self. I have firsthand proof that his recommendation of breathing deeply and slowly when in sticky situations with others truly does transmute the situation. It raises your vibration which causes the others vibration to raise in response.


My love-hate relationship with the Law of Attraction has been changed to only love when it comes to Esther Hicks and the “entity” she brings forth known as Abraham. My 3 Principles understanding has clarified their meaning to me. Nothing brings me more peace than listening to Abraham’s latest information. I love to deepen my understanding of how the Universe works, which is exactly what they talk about. If you think the Law of Attraction is about picturing a pile of cash and it magically ending up in your bank account–you need to listen to their newer stuff. It’s really about how the better you feel, the better you’ll feel. Feeling good attracts more good feelings and feeling bad attracts more of that.

So why not feel good? –Jill

P.S. Let me know below what resources have transformed your life recently!

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Thanks Jill for sharing these resources!! I will be requesting several new ones from the library thanks to your list 🙂

I just finished Anita Moorjani, “Dying to Be Me”….all I can say is Wow. SO inspiring, uplifting, and comforting. I am a HUGE fan of hers now and I want to go see her speak in person.

Also lately being greatly inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz books and Toltec teachings, and finally, I have been loving the Cari Murphy podcast, and Meditation Minis podcast.

Thanks for inspiring me! 🙂


Thanks Katy! I haven’t read Anita’s book, but I have listened to many video interviews she’s done and very much loved what she said.

I’ll check out your other recommendations as well!

Thanks for an objective overview. These are my favorites too and I am always amazed at how the Course reflects the Principles, or vice versa.

I am not a victim of the world I see, I am as god created me.

You’re welcome, Susan!