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Higher Levels!If you’re into personal development and/or spiritual stuff, you may have noticed how you can read, listen or watch the same thing multiple times and hear something different.

It depends upon your mindset at the time.

What’s cool is this can be used to your advantage, taking you deeper into your spiritual awakening. (Please note that when I say “use” I don’t really mean it as a process or a to-do. It’s something that just happens.)

Because of this, I’ve personally gained profound benefits and insights that have lead to higher levels of consciousness.

Here’s what I mean…

Well over a year ago when I was watching the video recordings from a 3 Principles Conference, I didn’t see how the topic of addiction would relate to me, so I left them for last. When I did finally watch them, I was totally wowed by how interesting and relevant they were to me–which put that topic front and center in my mind. Little did I know at the time how deeply this would affect me. With addiction on my mind, everything I read and watched subsequently seemed to relate to it–even when on the surface it didn’t.

For example, I listened to a Born Happy Podcast on “Financial Freedom” (another topic I wasn’t interested in but listened anyway) and to my amazement, I heard the entire 3 Part series as being completely and utterly about addiction. Soon after, I had my most profound, powerful and significant insight ever about my own addictions. All because that topic was top of mind for me.

What’s love got to do with it?

More recently, I’ve had the topic of “Love and compassion” on my mind. It occurred to me that I really didn’t understand what either of those were at a deep level. Love for me had mainly been of the “clingy” variety based on my addictive personality. I sought and felt love outside of myself as a way of trying to feel better. While I heard lots of people talk about a deeper kind of love, I could only imagine it at an intellectual level. And compassion? I’m not sure I even had a clue about that one! But because I was curious to understand these better, they stayed on my mind–a lot. In fact, I started to feel as if it were my purpose in life to discover their true meaning.

Yet I didn’t have to wait that long.

With love and compassion on my mind, I found myself drawn to reading and listening to more and more related stuff. Just like when I had the topic of addiction on my mind, I also started “hearing” about love and compassion in seemingly unrelated topics. It started to look like (and in reality I think it’s true) that every spiritual text was pointing to the basic fact that at our essence we are made of Pure Love. Period.

Therefore if everyone is Pure Love at their core, and if we can relate to each other at that level, it has the ability to completely change the world!

The more that is on my mind, the more deeply I see it.

While I don’t see it all the time with everyone, I’ve had some big time glimpses of it that have greatly shifted my consciousness. And I plan on keeping this topic on my mind because EVERYTHING else in the Universe is built on top of it.

I can’t wait to see how deeply I can go and how much more I’ll see. But even if I never go any deeper, just having had a few glimpses of what true Love and Compassion really are, is enough to have radically changed my life–yet again.

And all because it’s been on my mind.

What topics have you had on you mind that have become clearer by staying in the conversation and keeping them front and center? Feel free to post your thoughts below, or contact me directly!


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