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Change the Way You See the WorldWhat if I told you that you’ve been lied to your entire life?

Not just you, but everyone.

And what if this lie was making you (and the rest of the world) feel miserable?

Would you want to know the truth?

You’d probably say “yes.”

But what if the lie was so common and sooooo darn believable that the truth just didn’t seem possible?

And what if the Truth sounded naive, fanciful, magical and perhaps even impossible?

Would you still want to know? Really want to know?

What if Knowing meant you had to take full responsibility for your actions and how you feel. Every. Single. Moment?

How about then?

Would you even consider it?

Or would it be easier to stick with the lie that you already believe because it’s what you’re used to and what you were told since you were born? (Not only that, but you could continue to blame others for the way you felt.)

If you’re like most people your interest may be piqued, but you’re still skeptical. (A good thing!) You’ll read it then promptly dismiss it and go on with life as usual.

Some of you, however, may hear it and feel a stirring of something deep inside that gives it a ring of credibility. Unfortunately, you too will probably just table it for later or forget about it all together.

On the other hand, a few of you–those who just happen to be at the right time and place in your lives to truly Hear this Truth–well, this blog post is for you.

It’s for those of you with an open mind. Those who are tired of the status quo. Those who are sick of fighting the everyday battles in life. Those who are ready to be done with the game playing and drama. Those who’ve worked on yourselves for so many years only to feel worse in the trying.

Are you one of the few ready for the Truth?

If so, then buckle up because it’s gonna be a wild (but fun and exciting) ride.

The Truth

Here we go…

YOU create your entire experience of life from inside of you.

Feel better yet? 😉

You’re probably wondering what that even means.

While it appears in the outside world that life just happens to us and we’re at its mercy, the Truth is that there are infinite ways for each of us to experience every moment.

This means we’ll experience things based on what part of the world we were born in, our genetic makeup, how we were brought up, what has happened to us in the past, our beliefs, desires and wants plus a whole lot more.

No two of us are put together with the same exact recipe. You’ve got a little more of this and I’ve got a little less of that, and she’s got a whole lot of something else, etc.

Think of us as snowflakes–completely unique.

This difference in our makeup provides each of us with our own customized experience of the world. I see and interpret stuff that goes on around me differently than you do. While those of us from the same culture and upbringing may experience things similarly, there are still subtle differences.

Here’s the irony:

Each of us believes that our view is the ONLY one and we think it’s “THE ONE TRUTH.”

In other words, we’re all walking around with utterly different ways of seeing the world, all the while assuming it’s the norm and what everyone else sees.

Can you imagine how this causes problems?

Like maybe ALL problems?

It’s easy to see in politics. Aren’t your political views 100% right and those on the other side ridiculous? They sure do seem like THE ONE TRUTH do they not? Especially if you’ve carefully considered all points of view and are well-learned about the issues.

And yet they’re not 100% right. They’re not any percent right. Cuz guess what, there is no “Right“!

Especially in politics.

There is no right or wrong in anything we think.

Don’t get me wrong. The concept of no right or wrong was not an easy pill for me to swallow.

My ego is big. Really big. Most likely bigger than yours. (See…the very fact that I have to have a bigger ego than you shows you just how big mine is! 🙂 ) Most of the time my grandiose ego absolutely KNOWS I’m right. About everything. I know the best, most efficient ways of doing things. I know how to write the best blog posts.

Hell, just look at this post…I even know the freakin’ TRUTH OF THE WORLD!

And it’s 100% correct.


Um. Uh-oh. Now I’ve confused myself.

If everything we think is neither right nor wrong, nor has any absolute Truth in it as I’ve laid out above, then even this blog post isn’t True.


I guess there’s no reason for you to believe me now even though I KNOW with 100% certainty that I’m right.


So go on with your lives, friends. There’s nothing to see here.

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Hi Jill,

This made me laugh out loud – why? apart from the fact you are a great writer – I had an experience last week when for about 5 hours I ‘remembered’ and experienced again that I was totally creating every feeling and experience in my life (constantly) – like a witch at a cauldron adding ingredients to the mix as I chose – I was both in my life and out of my life watching what was happening and living within at the same time. It was amazing – and hilarious! But when it ended (or I dropped out of that level of consciousness) I was furious for the next day or so – imagine seeing a universal secret and living it – only for it to be taken away! (I bet you can!) – I know its there but I have not been able to get back to that experience – damn frustrating. Then I realised – there is a part of me that I was lucky enough to experience that is totally orchestrating my life (and having a giggle doing it) and the fact that I have dropped back out of that level of consciousness doesn’t make it any less true. SO this week I am just relaxing – just trusting – that this more elevated version of me is directing my life and until I (little me) get to go back up and experience it again – I shall wait – relax and see what unfolds – ready to act on guidance that comes from this ‘above’ me and taking responsibility for every emotion I feel.


Glad you enjoy my writing, Susan!

Your experience is pretty awesome sounding. While I haven’t had that exact one, I have had “glimpses” of things such as unconditional love and living (temporarily) in that “space within” we always hear about. But, alas, as you said they don’t last. But you’re also correct that each experience becomes a learning one. Just to know that it’s possible to see and feel what we see and feel–WOW!

Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it!