17 Things I Never Would Have Done a Year Ago


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As I was running home from my yoga class today (a hot and humid day) I was marveling at the fact that not only did I not mind the run, I was rather enjoying myself. It’s times like that where even I wonder “What did you do with Jill?”

During my run, I started thinking about the many other ways in which the current me is unrecognizable from the me that I was just one year ago. I came up with the following 17 things that you would not have seen me do last summer:

  1. Run any distance at all
  2. Choose to eat broccoli
  3. Sing in public
  4. Practice Yoga 3 times a weekpicnic
  5. Consider that there’s a spiritual nature to life
  6. Work on my tan
  7. Eat raw Hakurei turnips (or cooked ones for that matter!)
  8. Entertain taking yoga teacher training classes
  9. Turn down free booze
  10. Lose my passion for SEO
  11. Make homemade nut/seed butters
  12. Create really cool salads
  13. Run the entire 3.7 miles around our local reservoir
  14. Go entire days without eating any grains
  15. Take a bead jewelry and a pottery class
  16. Buy mostly organic and grass fed food
  17. Enjoy all of the above!

Not only would I not have even thought of doing any of those things, I would have called you a crazy fool if you even suggested that I might!

It’s quite amazing to see how gradual transformation can sneak up on you when you’re not expecting it.

Ain’t personal transformation grande? Share your thoughts below!


[Added: Got one more…right now I’m drinking/eating a smoothie that is full of cauliflower stems/leaves as well as the turnip greens and kale stems! (It’s a great way to use up the entire vegetable.)]

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I think it’s terrific Jill! Great that you take the time to share the changes you are experiencing, it’s motivational.

Thank you, Michael. I’m glad that you’re finding my posts motivational. That is my intention, but one never knows!

You go girl! Proud of you!

I can personally relate to a transformation journey. New perspective on life and natural beauty, health and appreciation of connecting to people who have made changes.Thanks for sharing your journey.

You’re welcome, Heather. Glad you can relate!

I’d love to read more about your experiences going entire days without eating any grains. How do you structure your meals and what’s your energy like on those days?

Hi Ron, I don’t really do anything structured. I just eat Paleo-like. I generally have my grain free blueberry muffin (or similar) for breakfast. Those are so filling that they keep me full until lunch, plus they make you think you’re eating something bad (grainy)! For lunch I typically eat one of my healthy salads or veggie dishes. For dinner I’ll have some sort of meat, fish, poultry, etc. with some sort of veggie side. I still eat dinner out a lot and have had to use my healthy restaurant eating strategies! Some nights I will have potato or rice or bread, but many others I don’t. I’m just as happy not having them, but when I eat out it is harder to avoid.

Check out all the paleo recipe sites. There are so many great ways to prepare foods where you don’t need to have grains and not miss them. Oh, and my spiralizer is a huge help as well. Makes me think I’m eating pasta when it’s really veggies!