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Love From Above


++Moving On++!

Hey everyone!

Yep, you read that right. I, my friends, am moving on from SEO.

If you read my last newsletter you may recall that I mentioned that I had decided to take a break from SEO and would no longer be taking on new clients. I also told you that I’d continue to write this newsletter to keep you up with the latest on SEO. And honestly, when I wrote that, I did mean it. My identity and sense of self have been so wrapped up in SEO, and in this newsletter in particular, that at the time I couldn’t imagine ever giving it up.

Until last week.

When it came time to actually write the newsletter, I kept putting it off. While that’s not too unusual for a procrastinator like me, this time it was different. Every time I thought about sitting down and working on it, I felt a sense of dread. So I procrastinated some more, went to yoga, came back, made a healthy lunch, and mindlessly surfed Facebook, where I serendipitously ran across a post by Dr. Wayne Dyer titled “Looking for a Change?” While the entire post was interesting, the part that really resonated with me was at the end:

#4: It Must Be Aligned With the Callings of Your Soul

How do you determine that you’re aligned with your soul’s purpose? You know by the way the rational reason speaks directly to you in that personal place within. The thoughts and feelings that surface tend to go like this: This is truly who I am. By making these changes and eradicating these habits, I will be living my life on purpose, fulfilling a destiny I came here to accomplish.

That’s when I realized clear as day that I simply couldn’t write the newsletter that day. I immediately emailed my proofreader, Kate, and let her know the situation. I told her that I might write the next week, but I just wasn’t sure where I stood.

With the decision made, I felt that proverbial weight lifted off my shoulders. At some point during the rest of the week, I knew I was done with the newsletters altogether. But then I realized I had unfinished business with all of you, my loyal subscribers. I didn’t want to leave you hanging. Plus, I wanted to make my decision official and final in order to move on in a new direction, whatever that might be.

In other words, this is literally my final Advisor Wrap-up.

I realize that this probably sounds pretty crazy. SEO has been my passion for nearly 20 years, and business has never been better. I have lived, breathed, eaten and slept SEO since my kids were little! Never in a million years would I have imagined that changing. SEO was who I was. “Jill Whalen, the Queen of SEO.” That was my internal and external identity, and all was well.

So what changed?

A few things. The most obvious is that I changed, but I’ll get to that in a moment. When I made my decision wholeheartedly, it occurred to me that the reason it was so easy to make was that my SEO voice was no longer necessary.

Let me explain.

When I first started writing and speaking about SEO back in the 20th century(!), there was no voice of reason in the industry. Everything written about SEO was based on the latest techniques for tricking the search engines into ranking your site above your competitors’. Yet I knew from experience that the real secret to SEO was not about tricks but about making your site the best it could be for your users while keeping the search engines in mind. It was true when I started doing SEO and it’s true now. Doing that always, always, always works to bring more targeted search engine traffic to your website. But, sadly, the tricks that the other SEO people were doing and writing about also worked, albeit temporarily.

Finally, however, Google put their money where their mouth was with their Panda and Penguin updates. At last the only real way to do SEO was what I had been espousing all along. And it’s a beautiful thing! Today’s SEO blogs and conferences are bursting with SEO consultants talking about how, when you create amazing websites and content for your users, the search engines will follow.

Imagine that!

Which means, my friends, that my work here is done. There’s no need for another voice saying the same thing everyone else is saying. While Google is making new changes every day that certainly keep SEOs and website owners on their toes, they’re generally technical things that you need to implement in order to keep up. (Think microformatting, site speed issues, mobile-friendliness, and the like.) You certainly don’t need me to explain those to you. Just read Google’s own blogs for the latest information on all the newfangled website thingies you probably should implement when you have a chance.

But back to how I’ve changed.

Aside from having utterly and completely lost interest in SEO, as most of you know, since the beginning of May this year, I’ve been losing weight, eating healthy, Greek Turkey Burger Lunch
drinking less alcohol, and exercising. I’ve been walking for miles, getting attuned with nature, and as of this past week, meditating every morning. I’ve been posting a bit of this stuff on Facebook, and I’ve heard from some of my followers that they’ve been inspired by my posts, which is awesome. Others, I’m sure, are sick of the photos of my oh-so-beautiful lunches, and have unfriended me. That’s okay because I probably would have unfriended me too not that long ago!

But it’s these changes in me that have inspired me to make the greater change of being done with SEO altogether. While I don’t have an exact plan for the future, I have every confidence that there’s a whole lot in store for me. The only thing I need to do right now is let it unfold as it’s intended to. Without having the SEO stuff hanging over my head anymore, I am free to do just that.

For those who are be thinking, “Wow, she’s lucky to be able to just give up everything and see where life takes her,” you are most certainly correct! I am the luckiest person in the world and I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity. While I am able to do nothing for a while and not be concerned with money, SEO was never about the money for me. It was my passion and something that I absolutely had to do. And because of that, the money came. I believe the same thing can be true for anyone who finds their passion and uses it to help others. So while I won’t be making any money at the moment, I am confident that I will continue to live a life that enables me to be “rich” beyond my wildest dreams.

But wait, don’t say your goodbyes just yet!

For those of you who want to keep up with me (you know who you are: the ones who skip the SEO stuff and head straight to my Wrap-ups each week — hi, mom!), I’m planning on starting a blog called “What Did You Do With Jill.” (Which is what everyone I know says to me when they see me now.) I just created the site yesterday, so it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. But I’ll be blogging on topics such as healthy foods and cooking, walking, hiking, and running, spirituality and meditation, and who knows what other strange things I’ll get myself into along the way.

To be sure you don’t miss anything and keep in touch with me, please subscribe to that newsletter here.

Oh yeah, and I ran that 5K this past weekend. I ran the whole way and ended up with my best time ever with a 9:42 average pace for the entire race! PLUS, I beat both my husband and my daughter, Jamie!
I did it!My Medal

That’s all for today!

Catch you in the *new* newsletter! — Jill

P.S. The photo at the top of this post is not Photoshopped, and is literally “Love from Above.” (Presumably you see the cupid’s heart like I do.) I was taking a walk one day on some new trails in town and had my phone out to photograph a few of the signs which described the history of the area. Without me realizing it, at some point my camera decided to take photos on its own of the sky. I found them later and just as I was about to delete them as mistakes, I noticed there was an actual cupid’s heart in the photos! Whenever I look at it, I’m in complete awe. Coincidentally(?) I had just finished reading the book Breakfast with Buddha which concluded with the idea that love is what powers the universe.


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Hi Jill! Congratulations. I can so relate. Exactly how I felt about eMarketingTalkShow in 2008. I got to a point where I just couldn’t do another show. I wish you all the best. xo Cindy T.

I’m finding that many can relate, Cindy, which is really cool!


Hello Jill!
This is a surprise for many people, I mean all people who know you and who heard about you. I have been a subscriber of your SEO newsletters since their very beginning and it seems to me that I knew you personally. So I can say that I am glad that you made your decision and I guess I understand it.
I want to say goodbye SEO Jill and hello new Jill!

Thank you!


Congratulations on completing the journey! Not many SEOs (or people, period) can say that they did it all and left on their own terms. Well wishes to you for this next chapter, which I’m sure will be just as fulfilling.


Hope so, thanks Scott!

Hi Jill,

Long time no Sphinn. I understand where you’re coming from. For years I’ve followed you primarily for the fact that I could count on you to be the relentless voice that rallied against below-the-board techniques. And as you said, Google has started to address that like never before.

Your voice will still be missed in search.

Warmest and best wishes on your next adventure.


Ha! Good ole Sphinn!

Thanks, James for your kind words and all the best to you as well!

Best of luck Jill!


Jill — you continue to be an inspiration!

Over the years your insights and even some personal free advice have really helped me at pivotal points in my “career.” I always be grateful to you for your generosity.

All of my best wishes to you as you move forward with your life! Looking forward to your new newsletter 🙂


Thanks Lori!

I am truly looking forward to watching and following your new path. Loving it!


Wow – huge news. Best of luck with your next steps! Also, I love the food pics on Facebook 🙂

Phew! Someone likes the food pics, thanks!

Congratulations Jill! You were one of the first people I ever learned from and one of the first SEOs I saw speak. You have been an inspiration from the beginning and a much needed voice in the SEO community. I will miss the HRA newsletter and hearing some of the ridiculous questions you get from clients and potential clients but so happy for you. I hope you enjoy every minute of it! You look fantastic!

Thanks, Casie, glad I could help!

Congratulations Jill!

1. On entering and completing the run!
2. On reinventing Jill.
3. On following your heart.
4. On helping the SEO world.

Thankyou for all of your SEO help over the years. We all look on in interest as you grow into the next phase of your life.

Much love to you from the Bonza team here in Australia.

Thanks, Ros!

Thanks for all of your SEO wisdom over the years. I hope you make your new life as successful as your SEO life.
I also believe that SEO may be hard to get out of your system and I really hope you don’t leave it altogether. Write an e-book about your experience with SEO and I will buy it!
You have been a straight shooter and died in the wool white hatter and I see you as an inspiration.

You’re welcome, and thanks for your kind words!

Thank you so much for all the knowledge you’ve shared over the years. I think I first started reading your stuff about… what, 15 years ago?

Even though I was never ‘full-time’ into SEO (just bits and pieces related to my work on the web), I’ve always found your newsletters to be written with warmth, sincerity, and a genuine desire to help people do good work, whether for themselves, or for their clients.

All the very best to you! =)

Thank you!

You were one of the extremely few SEO’s who understood early on the value of people aka “users”. I would not be where I am now if not for your support for my work and as co-admin at Cre8asiteforums when it relaunched in 2002. You were picked on and hassled but always stood up for your belief in the people-side of SEO. In the end, you get to say “I told you so”. I’m thrilled you have found the courage to connect with what’s offline. Thanks for your friendship, Jill. You earned your spot in the SEO Hall of Fame.

Kim, only the old Jill would say I told you so! 😉 (And the aliens have her, so it’s not happening!)

Don’t worry though, I’ll still be in touch and watching you all from afar. Let me know if you’re ever in the Boston area!


Your Nitty Gritty book was the first one I purchased on SEO way back when. You inspired me for years. I’m now glad to call you one of my very good friends. Can’t wait to see where you go with all of this. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

We can discuss in a few weeks! 🙂

You know you’ve totally made it so now I *have* to write my (other) book just so you don’t kick me in the ass. 🙂

And I totally will!

Jill: I was so glad to have found the High Rankings Forum about 13 years ago and have been a follower ever since. We’ve met at several conferences and I always attended your sessions (even though I felt I knew what you were going to say) because you had such a great no-nonsense approach.

I’m an avid hiker and I know what happens when we get out from behind our computers and enter nature. It is the one thing that keeps stress at bay in my life.

I wish you all the very best. You will SO be missed.


Thank you Rosemary. I remember meeting you as well!

real shame, but good luck with other things!


Wow! I’ve been a fan for years and always wanted to attend one of your workshops.

But I’ve also lost some passion for “SEO,” while always being interested in websites that win with great content and community.

I’m interested in the things you’re going to carry on with. So I will continue to subscribe!

Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine!


Cool thanks for your support!

You will be missed, but I am excited for you! Let’s be in touch!!

Thanks Seth. I’m a fan of what you guys do so will continue to watch from afar!

Congrats Jill. I have learned a lot from you over the last year or two via your website and newsletter. You are very generous with your expertise! Best of luck with the next chapter.


🙂 thanks!

Hi Jill,

Just wanted to send over a “Thanks!” to you. When I first got into SEO you were one of the few authorities in the field and I learnt SO much from your newsletters. Your focus on content always steered me straight and even though we only met once at a conference WAY back your words of wisdom mentored me and got me to where I am today.

So thank you! And best of luck with the next stage of your journey. 🙂


Awesome thanks for letting me know!

Hi Jill
You were the first few SEO’s I can remember and have been reading your articles since the year 2000.
You were always very clear about what is that works on search engines. Lately your newsletter is the one that I find really useful which touches the key topic.
Anyway my best wishes.


Appreciate it!

Good luck on your new path
I have never read your stuff until now and wish I would have sooner.


Well it’s never too late, there’s still tons of great relevant SEO info in the highrankings archives!

Hi Jill, this is both surprising and a bit sad news. But I congratulate you with your bold decision. I have been following your newsletter for more than 10 years and have appreciated your insight and your style. Your SEO voice will be missed, but all good things must come to an end.

Good luck to you with your new life.



Hi Jill,

I started out in search around 10 years ago. You were one of the first people I came across that talked real sense, in plain English. I still refer to one or two of the statements you made way back then, not least..

‘No SEO in the world will be able to help you until you forget what you think you want and listen to what you actually need’

Brilliantly put!

I wish you the best of luck in your new venture.


I said that? Cool, it sounds kinda Buddha like!

Hi Jill,

I just wanted to say thank you. I remember when I first started doing SEO nearly 18 years ago and reached out to communicate with you. You were extremely courteous and I’ve followed your writing ever since.

SEO has given me a wonderful career and it’s the kind people like you at the forefront of the trade that make it such a nice field to work in.

Thanks again and all the best in the future.


You’re welcome, glad I could help!

Congrats Jill; good for you!

Thanks dan!

Congratulations. I am looking forward to your new adventures. I am on my own journey with weight loss (45 lbs down), running, and a new eating lifestyle. I made Black Bean Burgers the other day, quite good.

Sorry to see a voice of reason leave, but you are right, finally people are starting to get it.

cd :O)

Thanks Chris! Black bean burgers rock! You might want to check out my healthy recipes Pinterest board!

Jill, congratulations on making your big change!

And thank you for everything you’ve done for SEO.

I have been reading your posts over the past decade and even attended a couple of the High Rankings Seminars. You have taught me more about SEO – the kind of SEO that really works – than anyone else.

Your voice will be missed in the SEO world.

Thanks, Anna, I remember you from the seminars! Glad to have been a help.

Really, really good for you Jill! I’ve followed you for a long time via Twitter and your blog and like many others have said, you’ve been a valuable voice in the industry for many years! I’ve learned a lot from you and your approach – I use a similar one myself. You’re much respected in SEO and you will be much missed too I’m sure. But following your heart can only lead you to more successes and happiness. Wishing you all the best in your next projects whatever they may be! Keep us posted and make us jealous! 🙂 x

Thanks Joanna. Will do!

Holy cow, Jill, you look FANTASTIC! Congrats on your recent run–inspiration of another type from you.

I don’t know if I ever told you this, but you were one of my gateway learning sources maybe 10-12 years ago. That’s part of why when I attended conferences, I always made sure to sit in on your sessions. Sort of a returning to roots thing that you always emphasized that I love.

The future must hold incredible things because you’re one of the good ones. I even subscribed to the newsletter. Until the first issue, be well!


Thanks so much, George. Appreciate the support for the new newsletter!

Jill, I remember you practically inventing SEO back in the days of John Audette’s i-Lists. You always contributed healthy doses of common sense, and it was great to see you succeed. You deserved every bit of it, and congratulations on seeing so clearly and seizing the chance to set out on a new journey, which I’m sure will be just as successful.

Thank you!

I remember you as well, Veronica. Those were the days!

I think we first met on web conference panel just after the first moon landing 🙂 There are only a handful of people from whom I know I must read every word they write, and you are at the top of that list. I could never write the right words, so I’ll borrow them:

“You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny”
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV 4.5

LOL @ the moon landing, Eric!

And thank you for the inspiring words!

Wow .. you were not just the Queen of SEO, but you were the “First Woman” of SEO … and there is no one to replace you. Congrats on your new life. You will leave a space where reason used to be (and I am not sure I agree that Penguin and Panda have really cleaned up our acts though they are a good start) but I wholeheartedly appreciate that one must follow one’s heart – and one’s bliss. Best wishes on your path.

Thanks, M.-J.!

I love this post! We are of the same generation and I feel the force. I will keep up with you on your new blog. Much happiness.



Cool! Thanks for your support Toni!

What’s going to happen to the ole’ high rankings forum?? And the website in general for that matter?

For now, the forum will remain up and running. It’s the one SEO place I’ve still been paying some attention to.

The rest of the website will definitely stay up as the information contained within it is still highly valuable, IMO.

I began teaching myself about SEO in 2002. Much of what I learned in those early days was from your High Rankings website. I attended one of your SEO conferences in the Denver/Lakewood area years ago with you, Christine Russell and Karen Thackston, were among the presenters. I just wanted to thank you for all the free ethical quality advice you doled out over the years.

Congratulations on your decision to retire SEO. You may be entering many more races in the months and years ahead, but you made a giant step forward yesterday by choosing to slow down. Kudos to you for having the courage to make that decision. Best of luck to you!

Thanks Nina! I believe you mean Christine Churchill. Those seminars were a lot of fun for all of us!

hi Jill, have always loved your work. You certainly have been a shining beacon in the dark “grey” SEO World and have shown so many of us how things should be done 🙂 All the best for whatever the future holds for you. Melt

Thanks, Melt, appreciate it!

Jill – congratulations.

I wanted to report that you, the knowledge you shared and the community you built, had a big impact on me a formative time in my evolution as an entrepreneur.

I’m proud to hear your journey in SEO is now complete, and curious to see what you get up to next.

In the meantime, enjoy the change of scenery.

– mike

Mike McDerment
Co-Founder and CEO

Glad to hear it Mike! Thanks for your kind words.

Jill will do amazing things!

Your new 5K record time is just small indicator of all the great things you will do.

Thanks for being there & being a beacon for others.

Thanks Jaime!

I have never commented on any of your articles or sites, but the knowledge that you have shared has been helping me drive traffic to our site and feed our families since 2009.
When our industry started dieing, by luck we won a one year subscription to and was able to modify our business model based upon your teachings.
We appreciate all that you have contributed to the industry, and especially to our lives over the years.
Mahalo and Aloha to you and your family.

Thank you John!

Jill, would you like to be interviewed by someone who understands where you are coming from and would like to understand even more and share it with a like readership? Please let me know. I have done a select few interviews and feel I would know just how to help you share our wisdom with our readers who are all building the Beloved Community by responding to inner callings–all in very practical ways, many having experienced quite lifechanging “yanks” to their careers. Namaste and thank you for what you are doing.

Thanks, Beth, I’d love to do an interview for your readers!

Very exciting news, Jill, congrats! You are so right about following your passion in life … only then can we begin to truly experience “richness.”

Wishing you all the best on your new journies 🙂


Thanks Aimee!

AWESOME job with following your heart, Jill! It takes huge courage and vision to do it, and my very best goes out to you with all you choose to pursue as you continue on in your journey!


Jeff Emmerson

Well wow. that’s a shock.

Good luck with new ventures.

Thanks, Brett. And thanks for the many opportunities to speak at pubcon through the years!

I will greatly miss arguing with a person as passionate as you. It has been a pleasure.

I didn’t even know we argued, but thanks for the kind words!

You never existed anyways. :-p

Guess we will never meet.

You know of course now we will probably run into each other somewhere…like next week or something!

Its a big change after almost 20 years ! good luck for the next chapter and don’t close the doors foreever… leave yourself the possibility to open them again in a distant future !

Thanks Remi!

We will miss your insight Jill. I’m excited for you.


Hi Jill,

Congratulations on moving to healthier spiritual lifestyle, wish you all the best.

Totally disagree with you on Google going in the right direction – they are becoming largest spy engine in the world – not the right direction.

Future of SEO :

– never use any G freebies on your site API’s fonts, analytics, maps – nothing, allow G to track your site visitors minimum as possible.

– never use gmail for business, get your own domain e-mail and download your e-mail never leave mail on servers.

– financial success G is projecting is as fictional as fiat currency system, world will soon learn about the huge scam.

Thanks for your best wishes Joe!

I started my website in 1999. That was around the time Google began. I’ve been following your SEO advice ever since then. Thanks for all your help.

You’re welcomeM


I have always looked up to you as a mentor. I will miss you more than you know.

Gregory Smith


Hi Jill,
You should check out the Unitarians. It’s a very intellectual and liberal approach to spirituality, which seems to match your ethics at this point. Congrats and good for you! Suzanne

Thanks, Suzanne.

Thanks for all of your SEO insight. You’ve truly been the most reliable source of practical and long term SEO strategies. I first saw you speak at a SES Convention in Chicago in 2005. I then attended one of your 2 or 3 day workshops the following year. I was hooked on SEO from that point on and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the SEO world. Thanks Jill and hope you have much good fortune in the years to come.

Thanks, Chip!

Wayne Dyer quotes Tilopa: “Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing”. The freedom to move towards what you seek is from the strength you grew discovering what you did. How encouraging!

That’s a good one Jim! I might still visit with you guys at some SEMNE events. If so, I’ll see you there!

Congratulations Jill! It sounds like great things are happening for you in your life, and you definitely deserve it. I have always had tremendous respect for your voice in our industry.

But, I am excited for the other changes for you. That’s great stuff. Life is just a bit too short to not get out there and enjoy the best of it, and you are obviously well on your way!

Thanks Eric! Because we’re in such close proximity, let me know if you ever want to do lunch sometime. I probably won’t be seeing you in all the exotic locations of yore!

Jill – you are on for lunch. I am … at SES in Chicago this week (which is not really that exotic). But, let’s do it sometime soon! Around next week?

Available Wed. next week (13th). Thought I had your email, but not seeing it. Email me at jill at highrankings com to confirm or make other arrangements. Enjoy Chicago!

Dear Jill,

What is sad about you moving on (apart from the the void you’ll leave personally), is that there’s even more opportunities for you to influence up and coming SEO’s to learn the trade the proper way now. I do accept that the industry is changing for the better and am grateful to your influence on that.

I suppose the only bonus is that it happened before your 82nd birthday and then changing your lifestyle might have been a tad more difficult!

Giving up the SEO life can only be good for you as it is a stressful life. I see that you’re not sure what the future holds – remember not all those who wander are lost. Fair well and good luck, although you won’t need much luck 🙂

Very best wishes

Thanks James!

I’m sorry to hear this, Jill, though I’m happy for you. You were a big help to me when I was just starting out with online marketing, and I am sure you will be a big help to many others in the future.


Congratulation Jill for the new path you have chosen for yourself, there are few people who listen to their heart and goes to a path where they want and you will get to know about the many more things about the meditation, spirituality etc. true meaning of life. i wish you best of luck

Thank you!

It is good to see you follow your chosen path and leaving something that you have been good at all these years.

Wish you good luck and hope you are going to keep this blog alive. 🙂

Thank you!

Jill-congratulations on your success leaving the biz and eating healthy this year. I have considered one and am doing the other.

SEO is dead. My own small firm does nothing but rank clients with Google relevancy standards. Huh? Yuppers. Zero backlinks. No hoop-a-lah nor scamming trickery. Just honest, genuine text and video content.

But the business model is flawed by the eons of companies thinking it’s cheap. Honestly, I’ve doubled my set up fees twice in the last year to weed out the easy button shoppers.

Although more of client work is conversion-based. You can rank until the cows come home. But conversion is the real mack daddy how I roll. Your comments about the soul of your work is spot on. I’ve turned down a few gigs that didn’t feel right in my belief system.

I also started juicing this year. Not full-scale but have also eliminated most processed foods in my diet.

Life is good here and it was nice to read it’s the same for you. Good luck in your search for your next biggie.


Thanks Peter. I disagree that SEO is dead, but I have no interest in debating the point anymore at this point either 🙂

Hi Jill,
I can totally relate. Been going through a change of my own for the past year. Thanks for the motivation for all these years and beyond.

You are very welcome!

Oh Jill! I am so proud of you!!! Not many folks take the time to listen to themselves and walk in a different direction.

Good for you on the workouts and taking a deep breath for yourself!

What you’re doing is very brave and I will miss reading your information – I won’t lie about that but I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see someone take on a new path that they just *know* is right for themselves.

Thanks Kristine!

Good luck in all that you choose to do in the future.

What is happening to the Forum ?? It has been “Unavailable” for a worrying length time now. Is it going to be discontinued or are we to just be a little patient ??

Had to move servers (nothing to do with my leaving SEO). It took longer than it should have and I didn’t want people posting to the old server only to have them be gone on the new one. The DNS is propagating now, and everything is coming back online.

Congratulations Jill and good on you. Thank you for all that you have contributed to the internet marketing industry and for being so nice when I met you the first time, so very long ago. 🙂

Thanks, Lee!

Yours was the original SEO site I came to, and I still have one of your original newsletter printouts. Thanks for all the good work over the years, and good luck with your next adventure.

Thanks, Peter!

Congratulations Jill.

There is certainly more to life than SEO and you have made a great decision for your health and well being.

Wishing you well in your journey.


Congratulations Jill and wow! Back in 2004/5 you were one of the very first people I started to listen to on SEO. I learnt so much in those early years that it helped in my career progression. I now run a nice little web design company in my local town.

I just want to say good luck and I wish you all the very best…..thank you.

Andy S
aka badboybart

Thats a huge shame, just found this site and found some good reading on here. Still, I have lots to look through and read about, its a shame but I understand how some things creep up and grab you and make you think, is this me?. I wish you all the best…

Do you still feel the same way Jill?

Yes times 1000.