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Here’s what I learned last week:

Monday, Mar. 3, 2014

Jamie Lee Curtis and Tony Curtis (Photo by Jim Smeal/WireImage)

Jamie Lee Curtis and Tony Curtis (Photo by Jim Smeal/WireImage)

  • I re-watched “A Fish Called Wanda” the other night which I remembered as an extremely funny movie. While I didn’t seem to find it quite as amusing this time around, I realized how beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis was. Then last night I watched “The Rat Race.” Coincidentally, it was starring Jamie Lee’s dad, the infamous Tony Curtis. He too was a very good looking person. Interestingly enough, they don’t look anything alike! Both good actors, however.

Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014

  • It’s hard not to let others steal your peace in yoga. By that I mean if someone else is fidgeting around (and they’re right in front of or next to you) it can be very distracting. Thankfully, the person that happened to be doing this recently finally just left early. BUT…I also understand that part of yoga practice is to not let others steal your peace and focus. So it’s probably good when something like that happens now and again.

Wednesday, Mar. 5, 2014

  • This morning while meditating I had the following conversation allegedly with my inner guide:

    Me: How do I know if I’m following my inner guide?
    I.G.: All you have to do is listen to me.
    Me: And you’ll tell me the right things?
    I.G.: Yes, I always do.
    Me: Okay.
    I.G.: Of course it’s likely you’re just talking to yourself, Dumbass!
    Me: Laughs.

Thursday, Mar. 6, 2014

  • I received a life time achievement award!
  • SEMNE Award to Jill Whalen

    SEMNE Lifetime Achievement Award

  • I suck at stand up comedy. For my “acceptance speech” I put together a routine based on observations of the SEO world, and nobody laughed. (But I did it–yay!)

Friday, Mar. 7, 2014

  • This Citrus Reamer has made back the few bucks I paid for it in just a few weeks! I had been squeezing my lemons and limes by hand and definitely leaving a lot of juice behind. Great, cheap tool! (My link is an Amazon affiliate one, but I got mine from Crate & Barrel for $4.)

Saturday, Mar. 8, 2014

  • Watched a good interview with Mitch Joel on Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project. Mitch is another person I knew from past website marketing conference days. So cool to hear about his interesting journey!

Sunday, Mar. 9, 2014

  • Pecans in squash is OMG good!
  • Anna Nalick of “Breathe (2AM)” and “Wreck of the Day” fame, still has her writing and singing chops. Saw her live at a tiny venue in New Hampshire. Great show! (She’s still a baby…turning 30 soon!)
    Jill Whalen and Anna Nalick

    Me and Anna Nalick


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