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Posted by Jill Whalen | Posted in Healthy Activities, Hiking, Yoga | Posted on 12-13-2013

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If you’re a suburbanite like I am, you’re probably used to driving everywhere you go. Getting in our cars to do errands is a normal way of life for most people. However, if you live or work within a mile or two of places you go often such as drugstores, banks, post offices, supermarkets, etc., why not walk there? Perhaps you think those places are too far from where you live to easily walk to. But, if you’ve never checked the distance before, you may find that they are a lot closer than you think.

I live a half a mile down the end of a dead end road. So to walk anywhere for an errand I have to at least do that half mile (and the half mile back). But for me, there are places very close once I get to the main road. I’ve got a CVS, a Papa Ginos, a Chinese restaurant and a convenience store. There’s even more across the street and a little ways in either direction. Our little downtown area is less than another half mile away and contains more restaurants, the library, and lots of cool shops. Even my gym where I take my yoga classes is only a mile from my house. In fact, it’s kind of uncanny how many different routes I take to various places that end up being exactly one mile. The funny thing is that if you had asked me how far all these places were before I ever checked on Google Maps, I would have thought they were much father than they are.

These days if I’m going anywhere that is only a mile in any direction I will always walk it. I figure why not get my errands done and my exercise done at the same time? For instance, today I had a hair appointment I walked to and yesterday I walked to my yoga class. (I bought a great backpack specifically made to carry a yoga mat, which is been a godsend.) Sometimes I even run to or from yoga!

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s so much easier and interesting to walk when I have real places to go and things to do. As part of my healthy lifestyle, I’ve promised myself that I will not drive to any place that is within a mile, regardless of the weather. Are you up for that pledge as well?


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Uhm… the “regardless of weather” part of your pledge is a deal breaker for me. It was 2 degrees in Milwaukee last week and there is just no way I’m pledgin’ with you, sister. Maybe in May or June when we thaw. Although I am trying my first yoga class next week.

Oh c’mon you wimp! I walked to and from yoga today in a freezing snowstorm. It’s all about having the right gear.

But good for you on the yoga!