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Helping Each Other

Helping Each Other

A friend of mine was in town recently and told me how she and her brother have been estranged for many years, however, she wanted to try to reunite with him. So she made some kind gestures to him, but he seemed to rebuff them. While she felt hurt by that, she continued to want to try to reunite, as she knew it was one of her father’s last wishes.

When she first told me this story, I had been  familiarizing myself with a new understanding of how life works. That is, from the inside out, rather than the outside in. She seemed receptive to hearing my opinion, so I shared with her my understanding as it applied to her situation as best I could. I wasn’t totally confident in my explanations, but what I was saying seemed to make sense and she was definitely grasping it as it applied to her.

Fast forward a month or two. We were texting about other things and she mentioned that she was on her way to visit with her brother, but that she was extremely nervous about it. At this point in time, my understanding of the inside out nature of life had become a bit stronger, and I provided her with some basic things to remember when she got there.  (Basically, that her thoughts were creating her feelings, and anything he said could be taken multiple ways, she didn’t have to take it as negative or rude.)  While she wasn’t entirely grasping what I was telling her (and thought at first that it meant she would have to try harder with her thinking–it doesn’t), she confirmed that my words were making her less anxious, which made me feel that I was on the right track.

I’m happy to say that this morning she messaged me with the following:

The weekend was pleasant and we are glad we went, Jill. Thank you for your supportive words. They did help!”


I know that my new understanding of how life works definitely helps me. Although it hasn’t changed the way I live my life too drastically as I seemed to naturally listen to my inner guide, having a better understanding why that’s important, helps to see why certain things worked out well for me and others didn’t. Which is very empowering.

My husband, who gets caught up in his thinking a lot more than I ever did, has also found this new understanding of how life works to be helpful. He’s learned that just like if you open a window a crack and it lets the cold air in, when he leaves a little bit of a crack open in his mind when stuck in his thoughts, it allows new thoughts to enter. And because it’s our thoughts that create our feelings which in turn create our reality, voila! A new reality starts to take shape. (Or at a minimum, new feelings.)

The best part of starting to understand how life really works is that it has the ability to solve every problem you think you have. And more than that, unlike all kinds of psychology mumbo jumbo, you don’t have to do anything for it to work. It works because life is made up of infinite possible perceptions. And in any given moment, you have your pick of any of them. Just because in the past you tended to choose the shitty ones, doesn’t mean that moving forward you can’t choose the awesome ones. As long as you know it’s possible, you most certainly can!

What About You?

I’m telling you this because I’ve now seen firsthand the power that this understanding has to change and heal lives. I’d like to see if I have the ability to express it further to others who might benefit from having a better grip on what it is and what it means. However, I don’t have any qualifications as a therapist or a coach. But I do have friends and family online and offline who have personal or even business problems (who doesn’t?). I’d love to see if my sharing my understanding of the inside out nature of life could help them (you?). The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter what the problem is. From relationship trouble to addiction, to not getting along with co-workers, this understanding can and does change things.

For instance, with me, it’s helped me to realize that I don’t need to drink in order to feel good and/or be sociable. It’s also helped to push myself with my running and not even notice hills or heat (most of the time).

So I’m making an offer to anyone who knows me (and that includes anyone reading this). If you feel you have some sort of problem in life that you just haven’t been able to sort out, and are willing to discuss it confidentially with me, friend to friend, let’s chat. I wouldn’t dream of charging any money for this at this point in time as I don’t even know for sure that I can be of help. All I ask is that if we do chat and you eventually find new insights that help you deal with whatever you were dealing with in a better way, that you agree to let me write about it as a sort of case study–no names, of course. It would be completely private and confidential. If you’re someone local to me (Massachusetts area) I’d be happy to meet in person. Otherwise, we can do phone or online video chat, or even email (although that might be better for follow up questions).

Seriously, there are no strings attached other than you being willing to share your story with me and to also be open to hearing what I might tell you. I just want to see if I have the knowledge and understanding to be able to pass it on to others.  It really has the ability to make a huge positive impact on people. Are you ready to be one of them?

If so, contact me here, no strings attached! (And I promise I won’t make you eat kale…unless you want to! 😉 )

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