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Here’s what I learned last week:

Monday March 17, 2014

  • If you start a Meetup group and don’t pay right away, you’ll likely get a 50% off coupon in your email the next day! (I started a local group to find others to discuss the principles of mind, thought and consciousness. If you’re in the Metrowest area of Mass. and are interested, please join in!)
  • The 10 Universal Principles of the Yoga Code.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we don’t need to look outside of ourselves for love.

Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2014

  • Not something I’ve learned, more something I’m wondering: Is our “real” self that person who we are in private that we’d generally never be in public? And are we usually not that person because we’re afraid? (Of being embarrassed, etc.) Sort of goes along with the question, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”.

Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2014

  • I can manifest calls from my son. No really. Today was his birthday and I had been thinking that I should probably call him to wish him a happy one. Within 5 minutes or so, my cell phone rang and I knew it was him before looking at it. Sure enough it was, but when I answered it, he wasn’t actually there. I hung up and called him back and said, “you just called?” He said, “no, actually.” So apparently his phone called me by itself while he was at the library. Interestingly, we don’t talk on the phone, so it’s not like his phone would have been set on that from a prior call or something and a quick button hit made it happen.

Thursday, Mar. 20, 2014

  • I couldn’t think of anything specific that I learned today, but I did have a lot of things that I was grateful for, which I’ll mention instead. I loved that  the universe provided sun for my pre- and post-yoga run even though my phone (Google Now)  told me it would be cloudy and possibly raining. I am also grateful for blue cheese and Flying Pig Rye Bread! (Both went great with my grassfed hamburger for lunch!)

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014

  • What Ekhart Tolle talks about in terms of being “in the now” is exactly the same thing as “The 3 Principles” only a few of the terms used are  different. In fact, it’s not just Tolle whose “philosophy” is the same, but many of the other people I’ve been reading and listening to such as Gabrielle Bernstein and even Wayne Dyer. I haven’t read it all yet, but I daresay that “The Course in Miracles” basically says the same thing as the Principles as well. (The Principles boil down to all of life simply consisting of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.)

Saturday, Mar. 22, 2014

  • Paleo Banana Bread

    Paleo Banana Bread

    How to make paleo banana bread! I’m grateful to the Universe for supplying the recipe. Let me explain: I had been thinking of finding a banana bread recipe over the course of a few days as my bananas were getting brown, but I never got around to searching for one. Today, when I’m pretty sure my bananas were on their last legs, I just happened to randomly visit someone’s Pinterest board, and right at the top was a banana bread one. I double checked my bananas to make sure they were mostly usable and voila. Had the rest of ingredients on hand. I rarely click on at other people’s boards as I generally just search for specific recipes that I’d like to make.

  • Keno is ridiculous. The odds are so far out of your favor that to play it often doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Someone had put a Keno slip in front of me at TJ’s, so I decided to play it for the first time ever. I looked at the odds and what amounts you could win and decided that choosing 9 numbers looked to be a good one to do. (I think I could have won $40k if I got all 9 numbers.) Then I let my inner guide choose the numbers for me by holding my pencil above the numbers and seeing where my hand basically wanted to go. I had a good feeling that I would definitely be getting a bunch of the numbers right and invested $1 to give it a whirl. Turns out, I ended up getting 4 out of the 9  numbers correct! Now that sounds like a lot and that it should be worth some good dough. But all it got me was my buck back (which I gladly took rather than letting it ride). Even if I had gotten 5 out of 9 correct, I would have only won $5. What a rip-off! I’ve always known it was stupid to play, but every now and then it’s good to check out to remind yourself. (Most of the time I just pick a few numbers in my head but don’t actually put money down. When I do that, I consider how much money I “won” by how much I actually didn’t lose because I didn’t play!)

Sunday, Mar. 23, 2014

  • I had a dream that I had somehow put a bad guy into a bottle (like a beer bottle), but then couldn’t find the bottle. Not exactly sure what it means, but my husband mentioned it probably has something to do with the “bottling up” of bad things, which makes sense. So does it mean that if I bottle up bad feelings, I will then lose them? Or is the bottling up of them a bad thing? Hmm…


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