Victim of Thought Mentoring Group

Have you read my book or blog, watched some of my videos, or got some insights from other sources into the inside-out nature of life, but want to know more?

Perhaps you have been attempting to cope with anxiety, depression, anger or any number of emotions that we naturally go through on a daily basis. You may have even experienced some change in your life from what you’ve learned so far, but you know there’s more to learn. Or perhaps you’re seeking to have better overall relationships in your life.

If any of that sounds like you…

Then this online mentoring group is for you.

I’ve been living with the inside-out understanding of life for nearly 6 years, and continue to learn more every single day. My superpower is in the ability to share what I know in an easy-to-understand manner with others. Most of the time, I live with a fairly clear head now, and I’ve seen all of my relationships transform and improve–from my marriage, to my children, as well as my extended family and my friendships.

I’ve been sharing freely for years, but keep hearing that you want more personalized ways of learning how we’re all victims of thought, and not to the world at large.

Therefore, I’ve come up with an online mentoring program where a small group of us can go deeper with the Victim of Thought understanding that I share. In this online group, you’ll have your personal questions answered, as well as learn from the questions of others. (You’ll see pretty quickly that we all have the same questions and issues!) Best of all, you’ll see your life and relationships in a completely new light.

And all you have to do is show up to the online zoom calls, and ask me anything you’d like to know that will provide you with a deeper understanding. (You don’t even have to show up, as you’ll be able to watch the recordings, but if you want personalized attention, your best bet is to ask on the calls.)

The idea behind this is for me to be your mentor. We’ll have a variety of topics each time we meet, from having better relationships, to feeling better in our own skin.

The Logistics

We meet online two times a month, Wednesday’s at 12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern / 8 PM UK.


We also have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and watch any of the call recordings as many times as you’d like.

I’m also available to have personalized one-on-one written private message chats with anyone in the group, to clarify anything, or answer any questions.

As a member of the group, you’ll also receive one free coaching call, and a substantial discount on any ongoing one-on-one coaching you might be interested in.

The Cost

There’s a one-time fee to join the group of $49, and then after the first month, there’s a monthly fee of $17 for as long as you’d like to remain in the group. Fees are paid via Paypal with the monthly fee automatically charged each month. (You can of course cancel at any time.)

Ready to join?

Click the subscribe button below to be taken to Paypal.

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